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The COVID-19 pandemic as a catalyst for cross-border cooperation? What have we learnt for border-regional resilience?

Our recent study addresses border-regional resilience in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and focuses on German border regions. The main objective is to shed light on vulnerability, resistance, adaptability, and recoverability in the border-regional context. Our key questions are: To what extent were the German border regions affected and what differences can be seen among them? What impact does the pandemic have on future resilience of cross-border cooperation? What options do border region...


European border regions: more or less resilient than non-border regions?

The ongoing times of poly-crises raise fundamental questions for border regions: How do crises affect convergence processes in border regions? Are border regions more resilient than non-border regions? In what ways are convergence and resilience interconnected?   Our recent study shows, first, that border regions are more affected in the short term, but recover more quickly from the crisis. This finding calls for policy reflections on how to improve short-term resistance in b...


COVID-19 incidence in border regions: spatiotemporal patterns and border control measures

Border regions are very sensitive territories in Covid times: In all incidence waves, border closures have been discussed and many were implemented. Currently, due to the threating Omicron variant, harsh measures as border closures are high on the political agenda again. However, there is not much knowledge about the cross-border spread of the virus. The question is whether they can be an appropriate tool of the anti-Covid policy. Our new paper, examines the patterns of COVID-19 spread in Ger...