BorderData: Bavarian-Czech research project on ’new data‘ in border regions

Together with scientists from the Palacký University in Olomouc led by Mgr. Vít Pászto, Ph.D., the Regional Development Working Group led by Prof. Dr. Chilla will explore new possibilities for improving the knowledge base on border regions over the next 2.5 years. The project “The potential of new data sources for border-related knowledge gaps (BorderData)” brings together two research teams that have a high level of international expertise in their fields and are at the same time complementary.

The project explores the potential of new data sources such as social media, car navigation systems and online map services in the Bavarian-Czech border region. So-called new data are of central importance for future cross-border spatial development – for all border regions in Europe.

The project is funded by the Bayerisch-Tschechische Hochschulagentur (BTHA) as part of the bilateral funding program „Joint Czech-Bavarian Research Projects 2024-2026“.