New ESPON project: Alps 2050

“Alps2050 – Common spatial perspectives for the Alpine area. Towards a common vision”

Our working group has been awarded with a new ESPON project. This project shall develop a common spatial development vision for the whole Alpine area towards 2050, consisting of a set of common spatial perspectives. This vision should serve to strengthen territorial cooperation among Alpine countries towards sustainable development. It shall contribute to reducing obstacles to a common sustainable territorial development and to strengthening actions aiming at coping with common territorial challenges, thereby supporting the Alpine Convention, INTERREG Alpine Space and EUSALP.

The project has been developed by a series of stakeholders from the Alpine region, led by the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure.

The Call for Projects with more details can be found here.

The project work will be coordinated by our group in Erlangen, and the consortium comprises the European Academy in Bolzano / EURAC, the Federal institute for Less-Favoured and Mountainous Areas, Vienna / BABF, the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research, Birmensdorf/Zurich, the National Institute for Environmental Science and Research, Grenoble and the University of Ljubljana. The project will start in the coming days and is scheduled for one year.